Micro Usb Otg Type-C Data Adapter U Disk Transfer Cable For Xiao Mi5 Mi4C Nexus 5X 6P Zuk Z1

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3.It can also be used in for Samsung i9100, for NOKIA N8 and other mobile phones to connect U disk or card reader to use


Micro USB to USB mother OTG adapter elbow more convenient it can be used not only for the OTG function is to do with the expansion of digital equipment storage

OTG function is said to be popular A micro USB interface to access the machine on the other end port is a female head of a USB, can be used to pick up a series of USB equipment, most are used to connect the card reader and U disk, instead of through computer transfer, this is the biggest bright spot 5

Package Includes 1 X OTG Type-c Data Cable

Type-C is the new future-proof connection standard delivering faster speeds, improved power efficiency, and a cutting-edge, low-profile fully reversible 2

With the OTG function of the digital device output current is limited, if you want to access the mobile hard disk and so on, remember to use the hard disk box external power supply 6

The premise of the realization of OTG mode transmission OTG A with the OTG function of digital products such as mobile phones, MP4, MP5, tablet PCs, PDA and other functions of the product B nbsp You can only use a connection line with OTG function each time